Rackmount Cabinet /
    Server Rack

Server Rack Cabinet
Sound Proof Cabinet
Shock Mount Server Rack
Aluminum Frame Rack /
  4 Post Rack

Steel Frame Rack /
  4 Post Rack

Open Server Rack /
  Relay Rack / Telco Rack /
  2 Post Rack

Rack PDU  
   Basic PDU
   Metered PDU
   Monitored PDU
   Intelligent Monitored PDU
      Monitored kWh PDU
      Monitored-by-Outlet PDU
   Switched PDU
   Intelligent Switched PDU
      Switched kWh PDU
      Switched-by-Outlet PDU
   3-Phase PDU
         PDU list & Drawing
         PDU list & Drawing
      In-Line Meter
Wallmount Cabinet
Monitor Enclosure
Wall mount Rack  

Server Rack Accessories
Rackmount LCD/ KVM
Rackmount LCD Monitor
Rackmount Keyboard /
   Rackmount KVM Switch

Industrial LCD Display
Panel PC
2 Post Relay Rack
   LCD Keyboard

Rackmount Server
Raid Storage
Rackmount Cabinet /
   Server Rack

Wall Mount Cabinet /
   Wall Mount Computer

Embedded Computer
Industrial Computer
Single Board Computer
Power Supply
Server Case
PC / Raid Tower
OEM Projects

Return Policy

What is a PDU ?  A power distribution unit (PDU) is an apparatus equipped with multiple outputs for distributing electric power,
                           specifically to racks of computers and networking equipment in data center.

 Basic PDU    
 Metered PDU    
 Monitored PDU Intelligent Monitored PDU  
    Monitored kWh PDU Monitored-by-Outlet PDU
 Switched PDU Intelligent Switched PDU  
    Switched kWh PDU Switched-by-Outlet PDU
 3-Phase PDU Intelligent  
      Overview PDU list & Drawing Accessories
  In-Line Meter    

3-Phase PDU --- Basic PDU

  InfraPower 3-Phase Basic PDU is designed for cost efficient and reliable power distribution in data center. Customer can meet end to end
  equipment and management requirements using InfraPower whilst meeting budget and high power rating application demands .

  Key Benefits

Lockable IEC Outlet PDU
Lockable IEC Outlet PDU model is available to secure plugs and prevent accidental disconnection. It is compatible to generic IEC cords and hence cost saving in locking cables.

Individually Fused IEC Outlet PDU
We offer individually fused IEC Outlet PDU model. It helps to prevent an overload of the active equipment and avoiding short circuiting the entire IEC outlet PDU.

Variety of Electrical Configurations

For regions applying 3-Phase 400V power, we offer 16A / 32A PDU solutions.

Sometimes a tremendous amount of computing power is required for equipment mounted in a single rack. Some *63A basic PDUs are designed for such high power usage requirements.
* only available for some specific configurations

For North America market, 3-Phase 208V 20A / 30A PDU solutions are provided.

Hydraulic Magnetic Breaker
MCB is essential for safety operation. Our MCB is a kind of hydraulic magnetic breaker which is bundled by the InfraPower 3-Phase PDU models.

PDU Mounting Options
InfraPower PDUs are supplied with 2 types of mounting kits; Vertical Button Mounting Kit & Vertical Bracket Mounting Kit. The tool-less kits can be used on the majority of global branded racks.

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