Rackmount Cabinet /
    Server Rack

Server Rack Cabinet
Sound Proof Cabinet
Shock Mount Server Rack
Aluminum Frame Rack /
  4 Post Rack

Steel Frame Rack /
  4 Post Rack

Open Server Rack /
  Relay Rack / Telco Rack /
  2 Post Rack

Rack PDU  
   Basic PDU
   Metered PDU
   Monitored PDU
   Intelligent Monitored

      Monitored kWh PDU
      Monitored-by-Outlet PDU
   Switched PDU
   Intelligent Switched

      Switched kWh PDU
      Switched-by-Outlet PDU
   3-Phase PDU
      In-Line Meter
Wallmount Cabinet
Monitor Enclosure
Wall mount Rack  

Server Rack Accessories
     Blank Panels
     Bracket Support
     Cable Management
     Rack Cooling Fan
     KVM switch
     Rack Drawer
     Rack Keyboard Drawer
     Monitor Enclosure
     Rack LCD / KVM
     Rack Speaker
     Power Strips
     Rack Rails

     Rack Shelf     

Rackmount LCD/ KVM
Rackmount LCD Monitor
Rackmount Keyboard /
   Rackmount KVM Switch

Industrial LCD Display
Panel PC
2 Post Relay Rack
   LCD Keyboard

Rackmount Server
Raid Storage
Rackmount Cabinet /
   Server Rack

Rack PDU

Wall Mount Cabinet /
   Wall Mount Computer

Embedded Computer
Industrial Computer
Single Board Computer
Power Supply
Server Case
PC / Raid Tower
OEM Projects

Return Policy

What is a PDU ?  A power distribution unit (PDU) is an apparatus equipped with multiple outputs for distributing electric power,
                           specifically to racks of computers and networking equipment in data center.

 Basic PDU    
 Metered PDU    
 Monitored PDU Intelligent Monitored PDU  
    Monitored kWh PDU Monitored-by-Outlet PDU
 Switched PDU Intelligent Switched PDU  
    Switched kWh PDU Switched-by-Outlet PDU
 3-Phase PDU Intelligent  
  In-Line Meter    

InfraPower Intelligent kWh PDU - W

Power Efficiency Management
With today’s increasing demand for high technology power management solutions, PDU kWh measurement and the associated software allow data center managers to make key decisions regarding the most efficient use of power. The need to maximize power efficiency to reduce cost is high up the corporate agenda. For 24x7x365 operation, a small increase in efficiency can result in major savings in running cost.

W Series PDUs provide the kWh measurement for an effective planning on the power capacity. Models with outlet level kWh measurement are also available.

Uptime and Productivity Improvements
Uptime and productivity improvements are achieved through the remote management. W series PDUs support daisy chain connections allowing up to 16 PDUs to be cascaded via Cat6 cables. All the PDUs are remotely accessed via only one network IP address. The GUI software provides easy-to-learn tools for the PDU remote management. It is simply accessed via the web browser to access all the connected PDUs in anywhere around the world. Ultimately, this can help reducing manpower and travel costs by negating the need for staff to actually be at the equipment location.
Green Data Center Movement
Growth of data center development increases power requirements and hence causes not only operation cost issues but also environmental concerns. It needs to monitor, measure and manage power consumption in order to get you on the path toward power saving for green data center operation.
The kWh energy consumption measurement provided by W Series PDU solutions helps driving the green data center movement by enhancing the power distribution management on data center.
    Key Benefits:
Power Efficiency Management
The 1.8” LCD color display provides a sharp and highly visible reading of Amps, Volts, kW, kWh, temperature & humidity. Local setup can be made by using a membrane switch indicating ‘up’, ‘down’, ‘enter’ and ‘back’ options.
The field replaceable display design helps eliminating maintenance downtime by simply replacing a possible defective meter without a service nterruption.The connection ports for the PDU daisy chain as well as the temperature & humidity sensors are conveniently positioned for easy access.
Reduce IP Address Costs within the Network
The patented hot pluggable IP dongle provides a highly cost effective method to access W series intelligent PDUs. It is designed to support daisy chain connections allowing up to 16 PDUs to be cascaded via Cat6 cables - all thePDUs are remotely accessed via a single network IP address.
Ultra Density PDU Management
InfraPower Manager – the associated software for W series PDU supports remote management of multiple PDU daisy chain groups. It covers 3 editions :
IPM-02 supports up to 15 PDU groups;
IPM-03 supports up to 30 PDU groups;
IPM-Pro supports 60 PDU groups.
Furthermore, IPM-Pro allows expansion to support the remote management for 600 PDU groups - Ultra Density of 9600 PDUs (600 x 16) can be IP managed remotely.
Software Functionality
IPM-02, IPM-03 or IPM-Pro provides the basic functions of :
Monitoring or measurement of Amps, Volts, kW, kWh, Power factor and Temp-Humid ; Remote Switching on/off per individual power outlets ; Reporting ; Alarm setting. PDU Outlet Level measurement, Grouping and Chart Reporting are provided by higher software editions (please refer to the page of management software).
Power Feed Entry Flexibility - By Meter Setting
Customization of top feed power entry is available on request.
The change of the power feed entry position is possible after installation. The W series meter provides the flexibility to simply turnover on top feed PDUs with the use of meter conversion buttons and an alternative membrane.
Colored PDU Casings & Power Cords
Colored PDU casings and power cables provide the simplest way to enhance the cable management and visualize the power sources. Users can simply distinguish the PDU from which power source according to the color of the PDU casing or power cable.
Short Length Vertical Casing Design
The short length vertical casing design of InfraPower maximizes the number of outlests. W series PDU with standard 1650mm / 65 inches casing supports 32 x IEC C13 outlets thus saving space within the rack cabinet.
Wide Range Configurations
The PDUs range from 2 to 36 outlets giving customers the flexibility to meet budget and application demands.
Multiple Outlets Configuration
W PDU Series combines the benefit of the new enhanced features to the existing InfraPower configuration flexibility. PDU with multiple outlets configuration required can be built as per request by customer.
Multiple PDU Mounting Ways
InfraPower PDUs are bundled with 2 types of PDU mounting kits. The vertical button or sometimes referred to as tool-less mounting kit may be used on many global branded rack cabinets. The vertical bracked mounting kit provides the universal PDU mounting way for all common rack cabinet models.
    Model Coverage
kWh PDU Outlet kWh PDU
Monitored Switched Monitored Switched
Outlet kWh Measurement    
Circuit kWh Measurement
Temp-Humid Monitoring
Cascading up to 16 PDU Levels
16-PDU TO 1-IP via IP Dongle
SNMP Capability via IP Dongle
Enlarged 1.8" LCD Screen
Switchable Outlets    
Local kWh & Amp Meter
Vertical & Horizontal PDUs
Multiple PDU Mounting Ways
Management Software Editions IPM-Pro
IPM-02 ( Free )
IPM-02 ( Free )
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