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DL-1001 Intelligent Cabinet Door Lock For CR16xx Series

Cabinet level access security has become critically important for all data centers and server rooms. More and more IT managers have recognized this need and are upgrading their cabinets with smartcard access control. To meet the increasing needs, Synergy Global Technology Inc, offers the Intelligent Door Locks at affordable prices.

Download User Manual
Download Product Sheet

    Key Benefits:
>> Affordable Price
A basic cabinet can be upgraded with Intelligent Door Lock access control at an affordable price.
  >> Quality Products & Service Commitment
We are committed to providing high quality products and services. All purchases of our long life products with 2 years warranty standard can be upgraded to 5 years.
>> Simple Components & Easy Installation
The key hardware components for each cabinet just consists of a pair of Intelligent Door Locks, two door sensors and cable accessories. The hardware installation is so easy that even the end-users can do it. Both Left and Right opening handle models are available.
>> LED for Clear Lock Status Indication
Three LED color modes on the Intelligent Door Locks indicate the lock status clearly. An authorized unlock is signaled by a silver white flashing LED. Unauthorized cabinet access will result in a red flashing LED following with an audible alarm while the handles are equipped with door sensors.
>> Proximity & MiFARE Compatible
Compatibility issues between different access card standards are a major consideration when deploying a smartcard system. The Intelligent Door Lock series caters for the two most common smartcard alternatives – the Proximity & MiFARE. User's existing smartcard can be used on DL-1001 if it is in either of the above.
>> Dual Card Authentication by Administrator and User Cards
DL-1001 offers an administrator card option to provide dual card authentication cabinet access. Unless the administrator card detects in advance, the Intelligent Door Lock cannot be unlocked by the user smartcard. The dual card authentication access makes sure that any authorization door opening is fully under the data center’s monitoring.

  Mounting Cut-out:
The patented DL-1001 mounting is specially for CR16xx Series Cabinet. Nevertheless, the cabinet manufacturers just need to make a custom handle mounting cut-out on the door to suit DL-1001. It is an alternative for users who look for a door lock with a stylish and different outlook design.
Back View Side View
Side View

  Handle LED for Lock Status Indication:
The LED color on DL-1001 Intelligent Cabinet Door Lock provides the clear indication on the lock status. User can view the handle lock status just by LED handle colors.

  Door Sensor:
Optional door sensor is an essential item for alarm functions. User can be alerted by visual and audio alarm for unauthorized door opening.
( I ) Inductive Door Sensor ( II ) Mechanical Door Sensor
  • light weight / adhesive
  • mini size ( 32.5 x 12.2 x 9.2 mm )
  • no custom cutting required on doors
  • easy for existing cabinet retrofit
  • with 2m cord
  • low cost / precise
  • size ( 52 x 22.5 x 30.75 mm )
  • cost efficient integration to new cabinet
  • custom cutting required on doors
  • with 2m cord

  Quick Installation:
Intelligent Door Lock installation is simple and quick - it just involves the smartcard handles, door sensors and easy cabling.
  • DL-1001P Proximity or DL-1001M MiFARE smartcard handle : 2pcs for front & rear door, with cables to connect (2) (3) (4)
  • Optional door sensor with cable : 2pcs for front & rear door ( 2m )
  • Power cable ( door section ) : 2pcs for front & rear door ( 2m )
  • Data input connector ( for handle activation / data input / configuration )
  • Joint connector of (3) & (6)
  • Y-Power cable ( cabinet section )
  • Universal Auto switching 2.5A power adapter & 6’ power cord

  Free & User friendly Software:
Intelligent Door Lock provides two user-friendly software free. UTILITIES is ideal for the initial setup and simple operation. To look for relatively high requirements like the reporting feature and password security, MANAGER will be the one you should apply for.
Software Features Utilities Manager
Max. 500 pairs of handle  
Max. 50 user card authentication per handle
Dual or single card mode authentication**
Enable or disable door sensor detection**
Detailed user card information  
Reporting on configuration details  
Log in password  
Download ISU-01  
    ** Optional feature

  Optional Accessories:
>> Inductive door sensor, pair ( DLS-102 )
  • Light weight, mini size & adhesive
  • No custom cutting required on doors
  • Easy for existing cabinet retrofit or integration to new cabinet
  >> Mechanical door sensor, pair ( DLS-101 )
  • Low cost
  • Precise
  • Cost efficient integration to new cabinet
  • Custom cutting required on doors
>> Handle data input cable, pc ( DLS-201 )
  • Connect the smartcard handle to the laptop for handle activation, data input & configuration
>> Individual key lock, set of 2 for front & rear door
    ( DLS-501 )

  • Up to 500 individual key-locks available
>> Unique key lock ( CALL FOR OPTIONS )
  • Unique key dedicated to single project / customer regionally
  • For project size over 500 cabinets
>> Dual card authentication ( DLS-301 )
  • Software upgrade for additional security
  • Cabinet access by administrator card + user card
    ** Order this option before the delivery
>> Proximity smartcard, pack of 10 ( DLS-401P )
  • Proximity 26-bit format
  • Single card for multiple application
  • Custom card layout available
>> MiFARE smartcard, pack of 10 ( DLS-401M )
  • MiFARE 26-bit format
  • Single card for multiple application
  • Custom card layout available
>> Proximity card reader ( DLS-402P )
  • Proximity 26-bit smartcard compatible
  • Convenient way for smartcard ID reading
  • Driverless for easy installation
>> MiFARE card reader ( DLS-402M )
  • MiFARE 26-bit smartcard compatible
  • Convenient way for smartcard ID reading
  • Driverless for easy installation

More Photos, click on the following for enlarged view:

Part Number  Description
Price : $287.55
Proximity 26-bit smart card handle with standard key lock x 2
- activated smartcard x 1
- 2.5A auto-switch power adapter x 1
Price : $315.9
MiFARE 26-bit smart card handle with standard key lock x 2
- activated smartcard x 1
- 2.5A auto-switch power adapter x 1
Door sensor
Price : $26
Mechanical Door Switch x 2 for front & rear handle set
Price : $85
Inductive Door Sensor x 2 for front & rear handle set
Handle data input cable
Price : $29.7
Handle data input cable, USB to DC2.5 plug, 1.8m
Dual card authentication
Price : $29.7
Administrator card + User card ( front & rear handle set )  
Smart card & card reader
Price : $44.55
Proximity smart card ( 26-bit ), pack of 10
Price : $55.35
MiFARE smart card ( 26-bit ), pack of 10
Price : $336.15
Proximity smart card reader (USB), set
Price : $130.95
MiFARE smart card reader (USB), set
Individual key
Price : $14.85
Upgrade for Combination key lock, set of 2 for front & rear door

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