Rackmount Cabinet /
    Server Rack

     Server Rack Cabinet
     Sound Proof Cabinet
     Shock Mount Server Rack
    Aluminum Frame Rack-
      4 Post Rack

    Steel Frame Rack -
      2 Post Rack & 4 Post Rack

    Open Server Rack /
      Relay Rack / Telco Rack /
      2 Post Rack

     Rack PDU     
    Wall mount Cabinet
    Wall mount Rack

    Server Rack Accessories 
           Blank Panels
           Bracket Support
           Cable Management

           Rack Cooling Fan
           KVM switch
           Rack Drawer
           Rack Keyboard Drawer
           Monitor Enclosure
           Rack LCD / KVM
           Rack Speaker
           Power Strips
           Rack Rails

           Rack Shelf
           Screw Bags
           Rack Display Mounting

Rackmount LCD/ KVM
Rackmount LCD Monitor
Rackmount Keyboard /
   Rackmount KVM Switch

Industrial LCD Display
Panel PC
2 Post Relay Rack
   LCD Keyboard

Rackmount Chassis
Rackmount Server
Raid Storage
Rack PDU

Wall Mount Cabinet /
   Wall Mount Computer

Embedded Computer
Industrial Computer
Single Board Computer
Power Supply
Server Case
PC / Raid Tower
OEM Projects

Return Policy

      Shock Mount SERVER RACK

    CHOOSE BY  HEIGHT :  6U"      9U


                                     Height = 6U
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  D=23.6"/ 6U

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     6U Server Rack Cabinet , 600mm / 23.65" deep
        Dimension :  27.6"(w) x 23.6"(d) x 19.6"(h)
        Color : Black (Special Color on Request)

                Original Price : $780  Special Sale : $615

                                     Height = 9U
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  D=23.6"/ 9U

     9U Server Rack Cabinet , 600mm / 23.65" deep    
        Dimension :  27.6"(w) x 23.6"(d) x 25.7"(h)      
        Color : Black (Special Color on Request)






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