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 Environmental Control Box Integrated Sensor Integrated PDU Integrated Fan Unit

DL-2001 / 2002 Environmental Control Management

DL-2001 DL-2002

Control Box consolidates all the hardware components in a cabinet and controls the management functions. All control boxes in cabinet can be connected to each other for centralized management.
DL Series offers 2 optional control box models :
  • DL-2001 for Cabinet Smartcard Access
  • DL-2002 for Cabinet Smartcard Access + PDU / Fan / Environmental Management
  • User Manual for DL-1003
    User Manual for DL-1004
    Download Product Sheet

    1. Power input
    2. Dual power input ( option )
    3. Door cable DB-9 connector x 2
      Connect to the front and rear handle
    4. “Act in Out” LED
    5. Daisy chain RJ45 port x 2
      ( Link & Out )
    1. Temp. LED display x 2
    2. Smoke / Shock sensor port x 2
    3. LED Light Bar port x 2
    4. Port for 3rd party alarm board x 1
    5. LED beacon port x 1
    6. Temp. & Humid. sensor port x 2
    7. PDU port x 1 ( RJ-45, up to PDU daisy chain level x 4 )
    8. Fan unit port x 1 ( RJ-45, up to fan unit daisy chain level x 2 )
    9. Water sensor port x 2
    Specification :
    Product Dimension ( W x D x H ) 400 x 135 x 39.7 mm / 15.7 x 5.3 x 1.6 inch
    Net Weight 1.06 kgs ( 2.3 lbs )
    Power Consumption Auto-sensing 100~240VAC
      50 / 60Hz 0.5A, Max. 48 Watt
    Operating Temperature 0° to 55°C Degree
    Storage Temperature -5° to 60 °C Degree
    Relative Humidity 5~90%, non-condensing
    Mounting 1U Rackmount
    Safety Regulatory FCC & CE certified
    Environmental RoHS2 & REACH compliant by SGS

        Key Hardware Installation Diagram - ControlBox / Handle / Door Sensor :

        Control Box Daisy Chain Connection :

        Installation Diagram - PDU / Fan / Sensor / Peripheral :
    Item Qty.
    ① LED Light Bar 2
    ② Smoke Sensor 1
    ③ Flashing LED Beacon 1
    ④ Temp. & Humid. Sensor 2
    ⑤ Shock Sensor 1
    ⑥ Fan Unit 2
    ⑦ PDU 4
    ⑧ Water Sensor 1

    Sensors / Peripherals

    To maintain an optimum operation conditions in data center, getting instant notification of various environmental fluctuations is vital. We offer a wide range of sensors for a complete environmantal monitoring, including temperature, humidity, smoke, shock, water leakage and cabinet access. Peripherals such as LED light bar and flashing LED beacon, are designed for use with the sensors in order to allow a local environmental monitoring.

  • One sensor for temperature & humidity
  • Low profile and light weight design with a magnetic base for easy affixing to cabinet
  • Detection for temperature
  • Low profile and light weight design with a magnetic base for easy affixing to cabinet
  • Fluid leakage detection
  • 5M rope round the cabinet bottom to detect any fluid flowing to the cabinet area
  • IP65 cable joint connectors provided

       EMS-102-2    with 2M cord
       EMS-102-4    with 4M cord

       EMS-101-2    with 2M cord
       EMS-101-4    with 4M cord

       EMS-401-3    with 3M cord

  • Safely operated smoke detection
  • Alert the physical vibration on the cabinet
  • Highly visible for alerting user to alarm status

       EMS-201-1    with 1M cord
       EMS-201-3    with 3M cord

       EMS-301-1    with 1M cord
       EMS-301-3    with 3M cord

       EMS-602-1    with 1M cord
       EMS-602-3    with 3M cord

  • Light weight, mini size & adhesive
  • No custom cutting required on doors
  • Easy for existing cabinet retrofit or integration to new cabinet
  • Low cost
  • Precise
  • Cost efficient integration to new cabinet
  • Custom cutting required on door
  • Auto ON / OFF by door sensor detection
  • Manual ON / OFF by software remote
  • Magnetic base for easy affixing to cabinet
  • Dimension ( W x D x H ) : 20 x 300 x 12 mm

       EMS-502-2    with 2M cord
       EMS-502-4    with 4M cord

       EMS-501-2    with 2M cord
       EMS-501-4    with 4M cord

       EMS-601-2    with 2M cord
       EMS-601-3    with 3M cord


    Other Options for EM-1001 / EM-1002
    Integrated Intelligent PDU Intelligent kWh monitored PDU Intelligent kWh switched PDU Outlet level intelligent kWh switched PDU  
    Integrated 33U Door Mount Fan Panel RA4017 RA4017-M RA4017-R RA4017-IP
    Integrated 1U Rackmount Fan Tray RA4015 RA4015-M RA4015-R RA4015-IP

    Part Number  Description
    Basic version control box
    Enhanced version control box, with multi-function module
    Environmental Sensors
    Add Temperature + humidity 2-in-1 sensor + 2m cord
    Add Temperature + humidity 2-in-1 sensor + 4m cord
    Add Temperature sensor + 2m cord
    Add Temperature sensor + 4m cord
    Add Smoke detector + 1m cord
    Add Smoke detector + 3m cord
    Add Shock sensor + 1m cord
    Add Shock sensor + 3m cord
    Add 5m rope-type water sensor + IP68 cable joint + 3m Cat6 cable
    Door Sensors
    Mechanical Door Sensor, w/ 2m cord, pair
    Adhesive Inductive Sensor, w/ 2m cord, pair
    LED Light Bar
    Add LED Light Bar, magnetic base + 2m cord  
    Add LED Light Bar, magnetic base + 3m cord  
    Add Flashing LED Beacon + 1m cord
    Add Flashing LED Beacon + 3m cord
    Power input
    Dual power input option for DL-2001 / DL-2002, 4A@12V

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