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2 U Rackmount Chassis :  Part # RM2015

***** This model has been discontinued . *****

Material: Heavy-duty cold-rolled steel with bright chromate finishing
Dimension: 19" (W) x 25.3" (D) x 3.5" (H)
Cooling: 4 x 80x32mm fans
Power Supply: 460W EPS or AMD 12V power supply
PCI Extension: 2x64-bit PCI or 2x64-bit PCI+AGP pro
Air Filter: Removable and washable
Controls: Two CPU and one alarm reset buttons, power on/off
Indicators: POWER & HD LED's
System Boards: Dual-Xeon or dual-Athlon based motherboards
Drive Bay: 1x 5.25", 1x3.5" exposed bays plus 2x1" HD bays
Temperature: 0 C (32 F) - 50 C (122 F)
Humidity: 5% - 95% non-condensing


More photo - (click on the picture for  enlarged view)


FEATURES: 2U Rackmount chassis designed for the dual-Xeon and dual-Athlon based motherboards. It has 4 ball-bearing fans to move the air within the chassis and a 460W power supply (with or without PFC). It features one 5.25" drive bay, one 3.5" drive bay, and 2 internal 3.5" hard drive bays. In the rear, there is room for 2 full-height 64 bit expansion slots, that work for AGP pro slots as well.

Cluster Component
General Purpose Server
High-End workstation

BENEFITS: This chassis was designed for Dual processor motherboards (dual-Xeon or dual-Athlon) to provide superior cooling in a 2U form-factor. The 2x64-bit expansion slots or 2x64-bit PCI+AGP Pro in the rear allows users to configure according to system specifications. The flat-plate door protects the components from tampering and accidental damage. This chassis is perfect for making cluster client nodes for cluster solutions with special specifications.


Ordering information 
Part Number  Description
RM2015-PCI  2U Rackmount Chassis, w/ 2x64-bit PCI slot, Black, NO P.S.
RM2015-AGP  2U Rackmount Chassis, w/ 2x64-bit PCI+AGP pro Black slot, NO P.S.
RM2015-PCI-46E  2U Rackmount Chassis, w/ 2x64-bit PCI slot, Black, w/ 460W EPS P.S.
RM2015-AGP-46E  2U Rackmount Chassis, w/ 2x64-bit PCI+AGP pro Black slot, w/ 460W EPS P.S.
RM2015-PCI-46A  2U Rackmount Chassis, w/ 2x64-bit PCI slot, Black, w/ 460W AMD P.S.
RM2015-AGP-46A  2U Rackmount Chassis, w/ 2x64-bit PCI+AGP pro Black slot, w/ 460W AMD P.S.




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