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*PPC1001 in black


Motherboard version :
 SBC w/ passive backplane version :
Intel P4 system version :

*Click here to download drawing in tif format


Color: Black or  Beige
System Boards: Micro-ATX / Baby-AT motherboard or SBC with passive backplane
TFT LCD Panel : 12.1" / 14.1" / 15" TFT LCD 
Resolution : 12.1"  :  800 x 600 

 14.1" / 15" :  1024 x 768 

Drive Bays: 1x3.5"HDD, 1x3.5"FDD, 1x5.25 slim CD-ROM
Cooling Units:

Four cooling fans (2 x 8cm fans, 2 x power fan)

Expansion Slot: Motherboard Version : 4 full length slots

SBC w/ Passive backplane Version : 8 full length slots

Power Supply: Auto-switching power supply from 200W ~ 350W                                 
Dimensions: 15.9" (W) x 10.4" (H), 7.8" (D)
Case Stands : 2 built-in case stands
Keyboard : 105-Key keyboard with built-in touch pad
Optional: -Built-in stereo speakers
-Touch screen
-Built-in analog conversion board.
-Bracket for 9 expansion slots.
-Trolley case with wheels

Click on the following photos for enlarged views :



Smallest and lightest case under big LCD and great expansion
-ABS fireproof for outer case, Aluminum and steel for inner case
-Rugged portable enclosure with 8 full length expansion slots
-Accommodate Micro-ATX/ Baby-AT size motherboard with P3/P4 processor
-Two 3.5" and one slim 5.25" in drive bays

PPC1001 is the high-performance portable designed for mobile and industrial applications that require expandability and ruggedness well beyond the capabilities of usual portables. PPC1001 can be configured for measurement and control, network testing and analysis, data acquisition, remote surveying and other PC based applications in field environments. Industry tested construction assures that this sturdy performer will keep on delivering accurately when you need it the most.

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