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42U EQUIPMENT RACKS - CR1015 : ( Static Loading is 1200 kg )

42U Rackmount Cabinet, 24"(w) x 42"(d) x 80"(h)
Basic Frame+Front Perforated Door+Rear Split Perforated Door+Side Panels+Castors & feet+M6 screw pack

Rack 42U  - CR1015 / 42" Deep

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Download Drawing
   CR1015    19" Server Cabinets
   42U Cabinet,  Inside: 19"(W) x 39"(D) x 73.5"(H) 
                      Overall: 24"(W) x 42"(D) x 80"(H)
Color Black/
Two Tone grey
Static Loading 1200 kg
Internal width 19 inches External width 24 inches
Internal depth 39 inches External depth 42 inches
Internal Height 73.5 inches External Hieght 80 inches
Standard Package Contents

  • Standard Frame w/ Cable Access Channnel
  • Fully Vented Top Cover w/ Cable Access Channel
  • 19" Mounting Angle w/ Unit Mark, Front & Rear Pairs
  • Front Perforated Door w/ Handle Lock
  • Rear Perforated Middle Split Door w/ Handle Lock
  • Side Panel w/ Latches, Pair
  • Caster & Adjustable Feet, Set of 4
  • Dynamic Earthing Kit
  • Full Height Tray, 75mm Wide, Pair
  • M6 Fixing including Screw, Cup Washer & Cage Nut, Pack of 50

Universal Compatibility
   The CR1015 server rack is specifically designed to give a universal mounting platform for all standard-sized 19" rack mountable device. The CR1015 server rack is able to meet most major manufacturers' specifications for mounting requirements. That allows your network rooms to scope with new challenged of systems upgrade, equipment consolideation from different makers or storage deployment. Users are provided with a simple and rapid way to mount or add investment easily in a single CR1015 rack.
   Besides the storage, managemnet, the CR1015 server rack also provides adjustable front and rear mounting angles which ensure high-quality equipment installations and professional mounting to standard systems from branded OEM manufacturers. Tool-less mounting rail devices enable users to make maximum use of zero rack unit space. Slide front-to-rear is allowed for geater space utilization.

Adjustable, Moving 19" Mounting Angles

   - Easy, rapid and tool-less captive adjustment of mounting angles
   - Provides critical front and rear support for 19" EIA rackmount equipment
   - Highly adaptable tp install multiple server vendors within the same rack
   - Allows easier installation, service and maintenance
   - Ensure a professional mounting of all standard 19" devices

Excellent ventilation / Super Thermal Management
   Optimal thermal efficiency is gained via careful R&D in air flow direction and air throughput :                     
   - Fully Perforated  Front &  Rear door and  Roof Top.
   - Hexagon perforated holes filled fully perforated doors facilitates optimal air flow.
   - The expanded steel design of all enclosure doors give 80% perforated area that optimize air flow

Hexagon Perforated Holes


Fan Top
   -New molded handle with enhanced aesthetics which pivots approximately 54" in linear latch movement.
   -Provide keyed-alike or 100 keys combinations options that give advanced security management levels.(Optional)
   -All enclosure doors offer a quick release mechanism can easily be removed during service and maintenance.
   -Equipped with double handle lock and heavy duty hinge, an opening angle of 180 degree can be achieved with all      doors.
   -Plug and play side panels simpify maintenance and equipment installation on site system deployments.
   -Lockable side panels provide additional securtity.(Optional)

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Optional Rack Shelf
RA7030 -- 1U Fixed Rack Shelf RA7031 -- 1U Sliding Rack Shelf
Other Rack Shelf Options
Optional Accessories
  Air Filters    Rack Mount LCD Monitors ( No Keyboard & KVM )
  Blank Panels    Rack Mount LCD Monitor Keyboard Optional KVM
  Bracket Supports    Rack Power Distribution Unit / Rackmount PDU
  Cable Management    Rack Mount Rails
  KVM Switches    Rack Mount Shelves
  Rack Mount Cooling Fans    Rack Mount Speakers
  Rack Display Mounting Brackets    Power Strips
  Rack Mount Drawers    Screw Bags
  Rack Mount Keyboard Drawers (No Monitor & KVM)    Vertical Mounting Rail
  Intelligent Cabinet Door Lock handle    Environmental Control Management
  Rack Lights    Patch panel


Ordering Information for CR1015 -  Rack 42U 42" deep  

  Part #     Description
 CR1015 (New Version)
42U Rackmount Cabinet, 24"(w) x 42"(d) x 80"(h) Basic Frame + Front Perforated Door + Rear Split Perforated Door + Side Panels + Castors & feet + M6 screw pack


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