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Sirius TOUCH

With such a durable outer layer, Sirius Touch lends itself to implementations that will be exposed to extreme abuse. Applications such as the battlefield, public kiosks that are prone to vandalism, systems deployed into heavy engineering or mining environments, general ruggedized equipment, etc. To meet the demands of these kinds of applications Sirius Touch has a process to laminate various backplane substrates to the Sirius Touch sensors:

  • 3mm thick true safety laminated pure glass fronted construction optically bonded overlay with Anti-Reflective Field
  • Thermally Strengthened Glass Substrate with UV Protection
  • Antireflective treatment with specially formulated ultra hydrophobic topcoat to eliminate “smudging”, for better water repellence as well as resistance to dirt, oil, watermarks, and other environmental influences
  • High Accuracy
  • Image Stability - Not susceptible to problems caused by high-level short-term variances and axis linearity and drift
  • Contamination-resistant. Top sheet hermetically sealed with pressure sensitive adhesive with a 30 year rating. Unaffected by harsh cleaning fluids and other noxious substances
  • External environments – unaffected by dirt, moisture and rain
  • AR <= 0.5% Photopic Reflection, a vacuum deposited antireflective optical coating that is applied to the outer surface of the sensor armor glass. It has a relatively high temperature process so the coating is very durable and is designed to meet industry standards such as SAE AMS-2521 and MIL-C-675.
  • Scratch resistant hi-res anti-glare hard coat with 4h hardness
  • Activation with finger, stylus, gloved hand or any other pressure activation








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