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Raid Storage System: Part # TAC502

   The TAC502 is a portable desktop RAID storage system with X-type handle for up to five (5) SATA disks. TAC502 is popular among advanced gamers & desktop publishing.

  • On-line Volume Expansion
  • Up to SATA I/II Hard Disks
  • Remote Access & Email Notification
  • Excellent Venting and Cooling System
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  The TAC502 system was built on the world-known hybrid I/O technology, the SATALinkô, a SCSI-to-SATA converging technology pioneered by Synergy Global Technology to bring low-cost SATA disks to the broadband high performance computing environments. The SATALinkô hybrid I/O technology has been since helped resellers and integrators to offer more cost/effective storage solution to the end customers.

  Product Overview
   Proudly presented by Synergy Global Technology, the TAC502 is a small form factor desktop storage system with built-in RAID Engine that targets DV savvy, enthusiastic gamer, and IT manager. It is a pre-configured RAID storage system that wraps five (5) Serial ATA (I, II) disks into one RAID (0, 1, 3, 5 & 6) protected disk, while connecting to the high speed Ultra320 SCSI port. With email notification and remote access built-in, the TAC502 is ideal for Microsoft Exchange and SQL server, and provides the fastest, simplest, safest way to share protected data between desktops, networks and work groups. There are three styles of TAC502 system available for OEM, SI, and VAR to choose from that best suit for their application environment.                                                          
  Ideal Applications

  • For JBOD or RAID
  • Data Protection or Disk-to-Disk Backup
  • Digital Video Recording (DVR) or Surveillance
  • Video Editing (DV, SD, HD)
  • Digital Audio Recording
  • Desktop Publishing

  Powered by the latest Intel storage processor, the TAC502 produces an outstanding 240MB/s speed to satisfy for users with large video editing, data backup or recovery, and archiving projects.

  Appliance-based Storage

  TAC502 is a host independent storage appliance which provides a transparent and driverless method of adding additional RAID protected storage to an existing IT infrastructure, regardless of your operating system or hardware. With built-in hardware RAID 5 engine and robust functionality and flexibility, TAC502 system truly offers a flexible and powerful solution that will increase your capacity, productivity and add unprecedented data protection, that were found only in the high end storage system.

  Easy Management

  TAC502 system is unparalleled in its simplicity, easy of use, installation, and storage management. Our user friendly Web Graphical User Interface allows one to deploy and manage the disk array from virtually anywhere in the world with simple internet access, no additional management software ever needed. With the "Quick Install" wizard, the storage administrator can get the system up and running in a few minutes; and setting up RAID level, volume, cache, etc. can all be done and monitored through the Web GUI.

                                             Technical Specification
  Form Factor   Desktop 5-Drive Tower
  HDD Interface   SATA / SATA II 3Gb
  Enclosure Material   Metal in Black Color
  Hot Channel   1 x U320 / HD68-pin
  Number of Disks Supported   Up to 5
  Network Management   Yes via RJ45
  Terminal Management   Yes via RS232
  Additional Device Option   1 x 5.25" Opening
  Performance   Over 240 MB/sec
  Power Supply   Single 250 Watt


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