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Raid Storage System: Part # RSF361

             3U Rackmount Fibre RAID Dual-port Fibre-to-SAS/SATA 16-Disk Expandable RAID System
  • Introduce The New 3U 16 Drives
  • Support Upto 16 SATA 3 Gbs Drives
  • A dual Ultra320 SCSI host connection port
  • Redundant Power Supply
  • Built-in RAID engine
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  Appliance-based Storage

  RSF361 is a host independent storage appliance which provides a transparent and driverless method of adding additional RAID protected storage to an exing IT infrastructure, regardless of your operating system or hardware. The RSF361 series is designed to easily integrate into elaborate SAN fabrics or point-to-point centralized storage. RSF361 truly offers a flexible and powerful solution that will increase your capacity, productivity and add unprecedented data protection.
  Product Overview
  The RSF361 represents the pinnacle of hybrid I/O technology. The RSF361 opens the door to the world of high performance computing by accepting both high performance SAS disks and high capacity 3Gb SATA disks with next generation 4Gb Fibre Channel Dual-port (FD) host interfaces. Embedded with MPIO support for both Windows and Mac applications, the RSF361 addresses the challenges of high impact/high volume storage requirements, and drives data throughput over 600MB/sec offering possibilities for new level of applications. Being the most popular model within the advanced RSS Series, RSF361 offers dynamic data expansion through daisy-chaining four (4+) more optional RSS362 JBOD units to form large RAID storage required by some data intensive applications, and continues the UltraStor tradition by delivering a solution that raises the bar in reliability, functionality, and performance.                                                           
  Feature & Benefits

  • Hybrid SAS & SATA disk based storage system
  • Comprehensive RAID levels: 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60
  • Multiple RAID levels & stripe sizes per disk volume
  • Supports on-line volume expansion & migration
  • Storage expansion through RS16 JS system
  • Supports up to 2GB RAID controller cache memory
  • MS MPIO Certified; Snapshot & RAID-6 supported
  • Remote storage management through web GUI
  • Supports multiple RAID volume & instant availability
  RSF361 Versatility

  With two 4Gb SFP Fibre ports, the RSS361 provides increased reliability and functionality critical to a company’s IT infrastructure. RSS361 includes a cutting edge 64-bit RAID architecture which maximizes the Serial ATA disk throughput potential. Making the system an ideal solution for professional storage applications such as high-speed disk-to-disk backup, image processing, near-line storage, data center, database server, media & asset management library and shared SAN network. Dynamic on-line RAID expansion allows additional capacity to be added without total system downtime, increasing your department's productivity. RSF361’s easy sharing and better flexibility allows different RAID configurations to be deployed independently on single disk group so that the storage resources can be utilized efficiently. It also provides comprehensive tools to online change RAID attributes and capacity to manage free space and to conduct array roaming.

  Powerful Storage Management

  The new RSS361 offers multiple management options to match your workflow from a variety of user interfaces including command line over local console and secure shell (SSH) LCD panel, and web-based graphical user interface. The RS16 FS can be completely auto configured in minutes using the convenient front control panel, and monitored or reconfigured through a remote connection. A comprehensive menu screen facilitates the setup process and lets users reconfigure the system as storage needs change. An RS232 interface gives users access to advanced features such as multiple array settings, Fibre Channel parameters (connection mode, ID, LUN mapping, etc.), SNMP features and security options. Events are recorded on the controller and mail is sent out to notify the users without installing any software or agents. RAID reconfiguration and disk scrubbing can be scheduled or periodically executed.

                                             Technical Specification
  Form Factor   3U 16-Drive Rackmount
  HDD Interface   SAS / SATA II 3Gb
  RAID Level   RAID 0,1,3,5,6,10,30,50,60
  Hot Channel   Fibre4G
  Number of Disks Supported   Up to 16
  Disk (Capacity) Expansion   None
  Performance   Over 400 MB/sec
  Power Supply   Redundant 2x460 Watt


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