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SAS / SATA JBOD : Part # TS4001

                    Tower JBOD 4x3.5" SAS/SATA HDDs, Disk Array Enclosure with 80W

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  Product Overview

  A Pioneer and leader in hybrid I/O technologies, the TS4001, a host card (HBA) dependent, desktop storage system product line, developed for OEM, VAR, & storage solution providers. Supporting both SAS or SATA II hard disks, the TS4001 Series host connectivity capable of sustaining data rates up to 260MB/Sec. Constructed with aluminum material and hot-swappable cooling fan, the Tower JBOD is the coolest storage system on the market with a host of hot-swap components, empowering users with capabilities normally found in enterprise-class SCSI systems.

  The TS4001 is a Tower storage array system that houses four (4) 3.5 SAS/SATA Disks. With a built-in MultiLane bridge board that supports both SAS & SATA II disks, the unit is versatile as RAID or JBOD and is ideal for storage expansion to an advanced TS4001 XP RAID storage system or to an existing storage server.

  The TS4001 was built on the latest I/O technology, for multiple-disk configurations and superior airflow. The Tower JBOD comes with highly reliable, thumb screw type cable/connector that combines four ( 4 ) low-cost SATA or high reliable SAS disks to the broadband high performance computing environments. Available in 4 port configurations, the TS4001 is the only and coolest external storage array helped resellers and integrators to offer more cost/effective storage solution to the end customers.
  Power & Cooling

 The Tower JBOD keeps your workloads and critical applications running with minimum hardware failure interruption through the deployment of user friendly enclosure cooling management, specifically its hot-swappable fan and HDD trays. With the enclosed enclosure design, aluminum material and construction, direct airflow engineering, and rear hot-swappable fan implementation, this compact SAS/SATA external enclosure manage to outperform the enterprise SCSI class system in a heart beat.
  Key Feature Include

  • Aluminum material construction
  • Four hot-swappable HDD drive trays with individual keylock
  • Built-in SAS/SATA II compatible backplane
  • One hot-swappable enclosure fan facilitates regular maintenance
  • One thumbscrew enabled front door with optical LED indicators
  • Energy saving advanced enclosure design
  • Fan-fail LED and alarm with mute button
  • Power & Status LED indicators on the door
                                             Technical Specification
  Form Factor  Compact 4-Drive Tower
  HDD Interface   SAS / SATA II 3Gb
  Host Interface   Multi-lane
  External Channel  1 x Infiniband (SSF-8470)
  Number of Disks   Up to 4
  Performance   Up to 260 MB/Sec
  AC Input   115-240v ~2A 47~63Hz
  Output   +12V/5A +5V/5A
  Power Supply   Single 80 Watt


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