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Cisco Switch Rack

This Cisco Switch Enclosure designed for Nexus 7018 Switch meets and exceeds the specifications for all Cisco switches that have side to side air flow, as well as any other Cisco rack mount switch or server.

This Cisco Switch Enclosures can house the Nexus 7018, MDS 9509, MDS 9513, Catalyst 6509, & the Catalyst 6513 and does not require the use of internal ducting since it was made to meet or exceed the Cisco specifications. This Cisco Switch Enclosure can however incorporate our innovative and effective ducting / baffling airflow design to enhance cold/hot isle effect.


  • Available in 42U and 44U Heights
  • Patented aluminum extruded welded frame
  • Top Panel with Brushed Cable Entry
  • Bolt down base
  • 2 pairs of infinitely adjustable vertical, “L” shaped, square hole, mounting rails.
  • Swing handle locking latches on doors
  • Aluminum extruded front door with 63% perforated open area.
  • Dual rear Steel Perforated doors.
  • Externally Removable side panels
  • Textured power coat finish
  • Multiple color options
  • Shipped completely assemble
  • Variety of cable management options:
  •        – Horizontal Tool-less Cable Bracket
  •        – Fiber Spool
  •        – Vertical Cable Channels with or without covers
  •        – Filler Panel with Cable Ring
  •        – Cable Management Ring
  •        – Fiber Rings
  •        – Wireway Top Panel

Cisco Switch Enclosures and Ducting Options

Cisco Switch Rack Width (O.D.)
Rack Width (O.D.)
Rack Depth (O.D.)
Rack Depth (O.D.)
Min Vertical Rack Space
Req for Swtich
Duct Assy W/
Switch front to front of rack
Duct Assy W/
Swtich front to rear of rack
Nexus 7010
19 (23.33") 28 (32.33") 42 (44.42") NA 21U NA NA
Nexus 7018 35 (39.33") NA 42 (44.42") NA 25U Part #
Part #
MDS9506 28 (32.33") NA 36 (38.42") 42 (44.42") 7U
MDS9509 28 (32.33" NA 36 (38.42") 42 (44.42") 14U Part #
MDS9513 28 (32.33" NA 36 (38.42") 42 (44.42") 15U Part #
Part #
Catalyst 6506 28 (32.33" NA 30 (32.42") 42 (44.42") 12U
Catalust 6509 28 (32.33" NA 30 (32.42") 42 (44.42") 15U Part #
Catalyst 6513 28 (32.33" NA 30 (32.42") 42 (44.42") 20U Part #


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