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  ( No Keyboard )

- 1U Rackmount LCD
   Monitor Keyboard / KVM

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  Monitor Keyboard / KVM

- SUN Solaris Rack LCD / KVM

- Sunlight Rack LCD Display KVM

- Rack Mount LCD Keyboard
   - with CAT5 KVM
   - with COMBO USB PS2 KVM
   - with DVI KVM
   - with IP KVM
   - with Matrix KVM

- Rack Mount LCD Keyboard KVM
   - with AR Film
   - with CAT5 Extender
   - with Dual Rails
   - with Optical Bonding
   - with Quad Displays
   - with Real Keyboard Mouse
   - with Serial Console
   - with Short Depth
   - with Speakers
   - with SUN Hot Key Keyboard
   - with Touch Screen
   - with Widescreen

- 10" Rack LCD Keyboard / KVM
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LCD Rackmount monitor :
Part #  LCDR8U20-10

                                                           SiriusView Industrial rackmount LCD monitor


The LCDR8U20-10 monitor is rugged industrial flat panel monitor engineered as a panel, wall or rack mountable display for use in harsh and space constraint environment. This LCD is housed in a ruggedized enclosure and protected by a 2mm impact resistance glass.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum chassis
  • 2mm impact resistance glass
  • Panel, wall and rack mountable
  • Interface and auto-sync with standard analog VGA
  • Compact enclosure with 3.5" rear depth


Advanced Video Conversion Board
LCDR8U20-10 has an advanced smart image-processing board built inside the enclosure. The smart-chip on this board allows the digital LCD monitor to interface with standard analog VGA video signal. Therefore making the monitor compatible with almost all computers, workstations and servers. The smart-chip has built-in gamma correction, brightness, contrast, hue and saturation control; a versatile support, HDCP decription logic, auto image positioning, input format detection, and compatibility with all DVI-compliant (optional) signal sources.
LCDR8U20-10 offers 20.1" high performance high-resolution display in an 8U panel. This display is sealed and protected by a 2mm glass against occasional impact, splashes, oil and dust. A four button LCD controls are located in the front panel allowing users to fine tune the LCD to the desired brightness, V-Size, H-Size and resolution.
General Specification
Enclosure 8U
Wieght 25 LBS
Dimensions 19"x14"x 3.52"
AC Input AC 85 ~ 264V Auto Range
Input Freqency 47 ~63Hz

LCD Specification
LCD Size/Type 20.1"W (4:3)
Active Area 408 x 306mm
Resolutions 1600 x 1200
Viewing Angle UD:170 LR:170
Response Time 16ms
Luminance 250 cd/m2
Contrast 700:1

Video Input
Input Signal Analog RGB
V Sync 50 ~ 75Hz
H Sync 24 ~ 80Khz

  Operating Storage
Temperature 5 to 40C -20 to 60C
Humidity 30 ~ 85%
Oper. Altitude 0 ~ 3,000m or 10,000ft
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 Ordering Information

Part # Description
 Price : $1270
8U 20.1" Industrial rackmount LCD monitor


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